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Like many children I always loved animals.  As I progressed in school I also loved science and biology.  Then Grandma Lou got me a kennel job at Dr. McGuire’s clinic and I was “hooked” for life!  My goal for clients and patients is education.  So the best well informed decision can be made for the welfare, compassion, and dignity of the pet.  I am so blessed to have a great family; my wife Dr. Julie who I met and married in veterinary school, my son, JD,  and daughter in law, Amanda in Seattle completing a PhD, my daughter, Jamie, in Stillwater in veterinary school,  and Jordan at Union doing drama and percussion.  We have several pets (7 heart beats) of various species at home.  Gunner is our oldest and Cole who often runs with me is the youngest.  My philosophy in life is to do unto others as you would have them do, and pay it forward.


 Dr. Julie Merrick-Landers is a 1992 graduate of OSU as well. She is married to Dr. Landers.  Dr. Julie and Dr. Joe, have 3 children and Gunner a retriever mix from Animal Aid and two pet guinea pigs. She is a native of Tulsa and graduated from Holland Hall.  She enjoys gardening, cooking, and spending time with her family.




Dr. Stephanie Bradley is a 2003 graduate of OSU.  She grew up in Tulsa and graduated from Bishop Kelley High School. She has worked side by side with Dr. Landers since graduation. She really enjoys getting to know both old and new clients of Heritage.  Her family is continuing to grow with twin boys and a baby girl.  She and her husband enjoy going to OSU sporting events with friends and have season tickets to both the football and basketball games.  They enjoy trying out new restaurants and going to the lake whenever possible.


Like most veterinarians, my love for animals started when I was very small. I have a video (on VHS, no less) of myself in the first grade stating what we wanted to be when we grew up and my fervent answer was, “I want to be a veter-narian”. That answer never changed as I grew up and to this day, I still love the challenge and joy that this profession brings me. I started in 2000 as a kennel assistant and worked my way up, finally ending up at Heritage where I worked prior to getting into veterinary school in 2006. After graduation, Dr. Landers was kind enough to welcome me back to the Heritage family where I have been ever since graduating in 2010. The clients and pets that visit Heritage are second to none and continue to grow my love of the profession. My goal with every patient visit is to give the patient the most compassionate care available and to give the client the knowledge and comfort level to make informed decisions during each step in the process, whether it is a puppy/kitten visit, an ill or injured pet, or the very difficult but just as important, end of life care. My family consists of my wonderful husband, Joe, who grew up in and around the Tulsa area and my very energetic daughter Evelyn. We also have a spunky little mixed breed rescue named Hokey Pokey who you might see up at Heritage as she comes to work with me every day. I sincerely hope that every visit at Heritage exceeds all your expectations and I thank all who trust me to care for their pets. 





Dr. Germany grew up here in Tulsa and attended Oklahoma State University where she completed her Bachelor's degree and Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) in 2014. Veterinary medicine is the perfect combination of my love for animals and my love for science.  Since childhood, I've been drawn to the beauty in nature--especially animals.  And, according to my Dad, I never grew out of the "why phase" -- making science a particularly intriguing career for me.  My goal for every patient visit is to do what is best for the pet while helping to strengthen the human animal bond. My family is my life partner, Brady, and our three dogs: old man Zeke, old lady Finn, and goofy pup Gunter or Goonie for short (aka Goondog Millionaire, GooGooGachoo, and many other nicknames available upon request). My mantra is:  Live, laugh, learn, and love!